Meeting Me Once

Beans Talk

i just saw a text by one of the beans and started reflecting on how i’ve started talking.  it’s beans talk.  how the beans talk.  the way our (iwillrowtotheendofmyimagination, me, rebelliousmormon, whenwindy, mycakeisalive, etc etc) language works for us has developed together in a really cool wonderful way.  like we’ve accepted that the language we were taught doesn’t work for us- it doesn’t have the words we need or the ability to express the things we want to express, so we’ve totally recreated it.  and we’ve all done it together, but in our own ways.  iwillrowtotheendofmyimagination's has the german and the way not speaking english a ton recently has affected it and the way he texts, and how he talks when he just has a lot to say and wants it out but don’t care about typos. and mine has a lot of classyshark and a lot of tumblr and a lot of nerd things, and my tendency to invent words.  and rebelliousmormon has his odd lexicon from not speaking english first and from not really liking textual communication.  and whenwindy has an inflection from her personality, and just all the ways she’s grown up differently.  and mycakeisalive has constant giggles and a lot of brains and idk.  

it’s so wonderful because of gender and relationships and science and family and we just don’t fit into what language expects us to, so we make our own.